I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and got my degree in Grinnell College in Iowa, where I learned to love the written English language. My learning the Spanish language began when he was working as a volunteer, with migrant farm workers in the state of Oregon and strengthened when I got my first master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico.

My studies led me to a job at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and then at The American University, where I edited more than a dozen “Country Studies” (Country Studies) – books on Latin America and the Middle East – and also I got another master’s degree in Economics. A contract Stanford University to write a book that was published in 1992, which is entitled “Peru: The Evolution of a Crisis” took me to Peru, where they still reside with my wife and daughter.

Since 2003, I have dedicated to the translation of a wide variety of texts from Spanish to English. These include two books of a prominent Peruvian anthropologist, articles in magazines bilingual local US Chambers of Commerce and Canadian Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Pacific University and the American Association and Canadian Peru; project reports from a wide variety of consulting firms and non-governmental organizations; and websites of local banks, universities and travel agencies, as well as articles and academic books.